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The reference pictures I used were dug up on the internet and I use them only as such. Unfortunately I have no idea where I found them anymore, but many are from German archives. These pictures have their origin still visible on them.

fredag 27 april 2018

Nitto P.K.A. 1/20 became Hagglunds UPI61(p)

I have been planning on this for a while, but now my P.K.A. finally became Swedish! It became a Hagglunds UPI61(p) - Utrustning Pionjär Individuell 1961 prototyp (standing for Equipment Pioneer Individual).
It was painted in Tamiya's German grey and I replaced the large box by a tank. It just did not look right. The tank is painted in Tamiya's Olive drab. Via a Swedish scalemodelling facebook group I got hold of some Swedish markings and the "4" came from the sparesbox, as did the text on the tank (a Sd.Kfz.251 stencil in 1/35).
A first coat of dark wash was applied and now I am working my way toward weathering. Since it is to depict a new vehicle/suit, damages and weathering will be kept to a minimum.

fredag 6 april 2018

P.K.A. panzer kampf Anzug - Nitto 1/20

The Falke-project has been put on ice for the time being, due to lack of inspiration. Instead I went for another project in the Maschinen Krieger-theme, but a much smaller one; A single person armored suit in the form of the PKA-kit.
Now this is an older kit, coming from Nitto and it showed in the fit. Not as good as Wave, but still acceptable and with a little care and filler it will turn out ok still. However much of tjhe detail is (very) soft, like the pilot's bust. A typical example of 70's casting, strongly resembling Tamiya's from the day. Quite early on I decided to do something different with this one, based on the figure's helmet, the clawlike hands and some modeljunk I got. This one was to become not a fighting machine, but a sort of combat engineer. And a Swedish one at that! To top it all off it will be one in a winterlandscape, possibly with trees and boulders.
To the bust I added extended domes for earpieces, cables and a microphone. I scribbed out some edges along goggles and other parts to try and lift the detail, but the plastic was not really cooperating. It is not as workable as I wanted.

And a heavy armored suit would quickly sink away in the snow, so it needed specially adaptations for such circumstances; snowshoes!  Made from Airfix 1/32 soldierbases and evergreen.

In these pictures you can see that the suit got pants too. I used cloth from a derelicted umbrella to hide the massive gaps in the groinarea. The texture of the cloth does represent canvas in this scale quite nicely and permits movement of the legs, when deciding pose and position in the final diorama.

I added all sorts of bits 'n bobs to dress up the suit, ranging from 1/35 WW2 german kit to cables, airplane parts and Ma.K. spareparts.... and of course more evergreen.

I cut the armored plates that go over the thighs in half. They are too big, hinder the movement of the legs and sort of ruined the overall look. The part I cut off I reused as a guard for the kneejoint, where the hoses connect to the legs. Just a matter of reshaping those leftovers a bit.
The metal boxes are the weights from the Gustav-kit (I believe).

A 1/35 headlamp form a KV-1 tank, some handles (the square one actually is a staple) and a mistake. The right arm has 2 discs and the left arm none. I accidentally mixed up front and backparts for the upper arm, one receiving 2 fronts, one receiving 2 backs. The rubber jointmuff on the left arm tore when adding it, so I was forced to fix the left arm in a bent position later on.

tisdag 5 december 2017

Ma.K. Falke - painting the pilot

It has been a long time since I painted a figure, but I had to do this one and the interior, in order to be able to join the bodyhalves of the craft and continue work on it.
The paints used were acrylics, mostly Vallejo and Tamiya. The interior is painted in ivory or Elfenbein, a colour used by the Germans in the openingstages of WW2. The seat is Japanese cockpit green. Thought that that was appropriate. ;)
The decals used are a mix of 1/48 aircraft and 1/24 car leftovers and weathering is done with a dark wash and Tamiya's weatheringset.

As for the figure.... it took me a while to coe up with a combination I like, but browsing the net I came across a picture, dating from 1992, showing Flight Lt. Trevor Edwards, wearing a suit that looked quite similar as the figure's. So Lt. Edwards is my inspiration for the model. I chose Vallejo's British uniform as a base for the brown and Russian uniform for the pressure suit. Highlights and shadows were created by simply adding elfenbein for the highlights and German grey for the shadows, followed by some washes. Helmet is elfenbein once more with some 1/24 ferrari decals, the rearing horse in silver on the back.
I left the feet off. They are completely hidden and the shoes are a very welcome addition to the sparesbox.

The cockpit itself got some 1/48 Harrier decals, but the dials are from the kit, but I skipped the orange ones. Really didn't like'm. I am going to add more wiring later on, especially around and in the hatch.

torsdag 23 november 2017

Ma.K. Falke - first alterations

Like I mention in the first post, I saw this model more as e representation of a hovering vehicle then an aircraft. One of the things that almost immediately made no sense to me in that matter, was the very low position of the maingun; a gatling-like piece of hardware.
But before I got to that, there was some regular work to be done.
First things I did was to put together the engine, consisting of 2 large halves and 2 smaller pieces. This needs to be done before you can add it to the model and construct the hull.
Then I did the cockpit and figure. The figure is torso, 2 legs of 2 halves eachm 2 arms and a head. Choce between bare face with flight cap or helmet. Initially I went for the bare face, but switched to helmet later. The idea behind is that in order to check weaponsystems for proper functioning, the pilot woild need the helmet. And I skipped painting the face......
There also is an empty bay in the front with a hatch that can open. So of course I wanted it to be open! But "empty" really menat empty! There is nothing between pilot and front, so I needed to add a bulkhead and some hardware. The front of German radios as some form of computer, a Tellermine as coolingfan plus the back of a 88mm shell crate as other doodah's. The enginetop of a 1/24 car served as gapfilling connector. Plus the obligatory copperwire....

Then the gun!
Because I redefined this craft as a hovering vehicle instead of a flying craft, I figured the very low position of the gatling gun was not logical. Originally designed to hang under the centre frame. So it needed to be repositioned much higher up. And I wanted it to swivel and tilt! Why chose the easy way, when you can create hell. But I managed!
the top got an extra part as a laser rangefinder, the right side the pivoting point for vertical movement. That one's made up of a sprue bit, fashioned to shape, the muzzle of a 1/35 PaK40 and a Pz.4 wheel in the same scale as foot and base. There's also a piece of sprue as an axle in there. The grey bits are spares from the Ammoknignt kit.

The left side is a 1/35 200l fueldrum as ammodrum, the ammo is 37mm FlaK37 ammo, the cover is a piece of a 1/24 exhaustmuffler, the lamp/sensor a 1/35 KV1 lamp and some evergreen plastic to finish things off.

This will be the gun's new position. The very base of it is a 1cl measuring spoon, that had broken earlier.... ;)
At this stage I added some details, like antennae and a sensor to the dome.

There is something odd with this model.
Here's the front. The front has 2 fenderlike shapes with cables and fillingcap, to which some equipment has been moulded or needs to be attached. To the bottom of right one the gun needs to be attached and to the left on some cilinder. But the cables and fillercaps make no sense as there is nothing underneath! So I will change those into tanks for some fuel or another. This means adding an extra side and bottoms. The marked sections were trimmed off for that purpose.

söndag 12 november 2017

Ma.K. Falke 1/20 - initial thoughts.

It's been quite a while again and the Tamiya M3A2 has been shelved once more. I might just get around to it, eventually, but not now.
Now it is time for yet another 1/20 scale Maschinen Krieger. This time it's the Falke. Occasion for this new build was the finished redoing of my mancave and now it is a proper and functional corner to build in.

As with the other kits I have built or are building, parts are quite big and construction is fairly straight forward. Fit in this kit is very good actually. Upon looking closer I found some very familiar bits and pieces on several of the parts.
The hull itself is made up of 2 huge parts; the upper and lower hull Same goes for the engine and interior. Large parts here too with the add on of a number of smaller ones Apparently the idea behind the Falke is being a antigravitational aircraft. At least that's what I take the large bulbs on the underside for and it has 2 wing-like thingies It also has a large maingun fixed to the underside of the craft indicating it is rather high flying.
I however decided it was not an aircraft, but a hovering vehicle, which means that there will be some distinct differences once I am done with it. Differences like a higher placed weapon that both swivels and turns. No wings either, but steering flaps And why doesn't it have a landinggear??

Looking at the previous and next picture you can make out parts resembling 1/72 scale and 1/35 scale parts from other kits most likely.  The pilot's seat for instance has 2 1/35 ammunition magazines from a 20mm German antiaircraft kanon.

The downside of this kit are the figures, mainly their soft details But I guess that is because of their age They aren't exactly state of the art 21st century figures, but with care they should make pretty decent figures nonetheless.

söndag 30 juli 2017

Tamiya M3A2 halftrack 1/35 becoming a M3 radio comm. vehicle

I am going to give it another go; build a 1/35 project..... and finish it!!!

Choice of subject is a project that has been sitting on the shelf for years; another halftrack. Tamiya's M3A2 being back dated to the M3 version, but with radios added.
The M3A2 actually never saw service, so I am a bit puzzled as to why they released that version in the first place! But to backdate it will require quite a bit of work. Well, not physically, but the differences are quite notable on the rear body.
All the exterior detail the M3A2 has, has to go; the ladders, the gunturret and in many cases the mineracks too. I am thinking about keeping the latter though, just to make the vehicle look cluttered with all sorts of gear, mre's and what not.

And I want to go real old school on this one..... with a lot of Verlinden add-on's! Just like back in the day when I got into scale modelling myself. Or at least when I started to make serious attempts at achieving a presentable model!