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The reference pictures I use were dug up on the internet and I use and share them only as such; a reference. Whenever possible I will state the source, but unfortunately I have no idea where I found many of them anymore. The vast majority of the military images have been "living" on my harddrive for years.

tisdag 16 april 2013

A good day, today!

We were able to retrieve all the pictures and digital documents I had collected over the years from my old pc, which went out with a bang. The harddrive turned out to be undamaged and we could transfer all the data to another HD.
I also have my own place to build in peace for the first time in more than 3 years....
It is in the hall within 2 wall cupboards. To the right boxes with assorted parts, binders with info and pictures and drawers with tools and paint. To the left what's left of my stash after moving here from Holland, boxes with ongoing projects and builds, spareparts and the workingtable, which can be folded up. The legs fold against the table, when it goes up. And the chair goes back into the kitchen, from which I took this picture.
The cabinet which side you can see to the left holds all my leftover books.
Just a little paint and some extra light and I'm good to go!!

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