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The reference pictures I use were dug up on the internet and I use and share them only as such; a reference. Whenever possible I will state the source, but unfortunately I have no idea where I found many of them anymore. The vast majority of the military images have been "living" on my harddrive for years.

tisdag 9 april 2013

Back at the front, again!

After an absence of several years I am working on and hoping for a return to the (military) scalemodellinghobby. Much has changed since then. For one thing the plastic isn't "speaking" to me anymore, meaning that the I no longer have any form of connection to the materials (plastics) themselves. But we'll see how things will develop. I want to be creative again and since I have a little stash left, about a dozen kits, and all my buildingmaterials, paints, glues and what not, why not give it a go? A great deal of my referencelibrary has gone, however, but all my halftrackinfo is still there! And that's the most important part.

My modellinghistory is one of alternately building vehicles and dioramas in 1/35 or painting single figures and I did various subjects. My main interest however are halftracks with the German Sd.Kfz 251 and Sd.Kfz.250-series taking the nr. 1 and 2 spots. I just have a softspot for those. Don't know why. The American M2 and M3 halftracks are next on that list, but I mostly build what I feel like building.
So far I have a nice record of builds, which I used to show on www.armorama.com and on www.twenot.nl. I due time I will copy those buils to here, so I can create a sort of modelling diary or portfolio.

My history so far.....
I started young, glueing up planes and small tanks in quit a crude manor and used them as a sort of toy. When I got older I started to see the meaning more and with a friend started to build more seriously and paints the vehicles and figures more accurately. We used those in a sort of wargamingway, creating battlefields with wet sand and allowing that to dry, befor we displayed the models.
Things evolved from there and, after a several year long break, I picked up the hobby again, after reading more and more on military history. I started visiting the previously mentioned sites, aling with missing-lynx.com, in order to accurately display some of the things I had read about. Everyonce in a while I changed modellingdisciplines, varying between painting single figures in scale from 54mm up to 120mm, buidling single vehicles or complete dioramas in 1/35. What I like to do most, is the buildingpart, but I can get carried away in research too. It wouldn't be the first time a buildingproject got sidetracked after sticking my nose in the books. ;)
I consider myself to be an oldschool type of modeller, much prefering to build and create from scratch than to buy readymade. The old Verlindenway was one of my inspirations, but even more so was Mr. Sheperd Paine. If ever I had a modelling rolemodel, it would be him. Sometimes  feel that too much of today's modellers miss the imagination, when buidling models. It looks more like engineering than modelling, no matter how superbly done the models end up to be. To me they miss personality.

Well, there you have it. A bit on me, so you might understand how and why certain things might be done in certain ways by me.
Stay tuned for more!

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