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torsdag 18 april 2013

Dutch M3A1 halftrack with troops 1955 - part 2

After many years I have picked up this old project again.
After assessing the damage, only one riflebarrel broken, but also the left idlerwheel of the halftrack, I started working on the lady's bicycle.
the barrel/rifle is easily fixed by just exchanging it, the idlerproblem will be a lot tougher...
I took Tamiya's German army bicycle as a basis and changed it. Took away the centrebar, the pump, modified the seat by adding a strip of evergreen and sanding it to shape, added another luggagerack to the front, added small bars to the luggageracks, repositioned the lamp and changed the position of the frontwheel and handlebars. That was a tricky operation and I added the front luggagerack so I could add additional strength to the weak/small joint of the frontwheel. The front luggagerack is a modification of some sparepart of unknown origin. I thought about adding brakes and cables, but I did not want to overdo it right now.

As you can see I also made a grocerybag with vegetables in it. The bag was preshaped by using miliput, than covered by umbrellafabric for the texture. Handles are twisted copperwire. The vegetables are leek, made by tightly rolling kitchenpaper and cutting up one end for the leaves.

Here's the drioama in mock setup:
overall view

the focal point

The stance of the lady is so strange, because she will receive a wound to the right knee. She is leaning on the bazookagunner in order to relieve the pressure on the wound, when standing.

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  1. You are a man with many talents Ron. I'm impressed.
    I've got a Tiger tank stuffed somewhere in the basement that I never started assembling. Think I've got some crew members and Panzer Grenadiers with it to. Give me a hint if that could be of interest, and I'll send it to you.