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fredag 12 april 2013

"Guten Morgen, Afrika!" AFV Club leFH18 & Dragon figures

august 27, 2009

I was a bit shocked though to see all these tiny parts stuck in those big frames..... It'll be a challenge to get them out and NOT loose them...   

september 2, 2009
I replaced the plastic rod from the kit above the guntube for a metal one. That's more durable and straight.

Here's a comparisson between the constructed parts and the small parts in the sprue.

september 3, 2009
I managed to get the leFH18 build up into it's subgroups, ready for paint.
Allthough the fit of the parts is generally quite good, there were some areas which needed extra attention, like the connection between the metal parts of the barrel and the plastic parts. The upper brass tube did not fit over the plastic socket, so that had to be altered. In the end the metal rod had not been necessary either.
The other area was the fixing of the spades to the legs. There some thinning of parts was necessary too.

Here's what things look like now;

And the lot ready for transport home;

september 11, 2009
I got myself a woodturningmachine and I tried it allready.
Somehow the wooden disk was not centred correctly, so getting it to look right wasn't easy. Low quality and maintainance-chissels don't help either...  
I did manage to create a base for the leFH18, though. Here's what it looks like now.

The rocks are glued on and the extra grooves are there to create an extra hold for the filler to recreate the desertsoil.
I also did some work on the figures, which are a standard Dragonset. The officer in the back comes from the Dragon-Greif and is a mix of the 2 figures therein.

september 12, 2009
Ik finished the construction of the wall and added a layer of sandbags out of milliput on top. This was harder then I had expected! The bags will be partially covered by the terrain and sand later on. The outer walls will be filled up to an allmost stand.
In the middle I will add a bed out of wooden planking, so the gun has more stability then when standing on loose sand.

september 13, 2009
The Gunpit base is done, except for the coats of paint and this is it;

september 15, 2009
Here's my progress;
I gave both basese their basics coats of paint, followed by the first drybrushes and washes. Once everything has fully dried I will put on a coat of clear finish and after that add the final washes, powders etc.

The gunpit will be a "bright" desert. On pictures it is a very bright beige, sometimes allmost white, because of the limestone, I guess.

november 16, 2009
As for my own progress, I started to paint, despite the fact that my ordered paint still hasn't come in yet...  

For this I gave the gun a basic coat of dark grey, followed by several washes in panzergrey, beige and sand.
I also did the first figure, which is basically completed. Just needs some details and weathering.

All I need to do now is 4 more figures and all the accessoires.... 

november 20, 2009
As for my progress, I have done quite some work on the figures and I focussed on the accessoires, too!
Here's a nice collection of some of them;

Here's a closeup of the ammunitionpile;

I got my inspiration from this photo, taken at the eastern front;

which shows another feature I am planning to use in the dio; an overhead camouflagenet on poles.

well? What do you think?

november 24, 2009
I am almost done. All I need to do is paint 1 more figure, redo the camo-netting and weather all some more.
Here's my progress so far;
The base itself;

I changed the fabric ropes for thin, twisted copperwire for more rigidity. Detail of the new ropes;

The accessoires such as ammostock and breakfast"table";
I made the can by cutting of a piece of sprue, hollowing it and adding a small plastic disk.

The the figures;
First the officer, called Otto Offizier. Note the coffeemug on the wheel. I still need to add a drop of "coffee";

then the gunner, Kanonen Karl;

The loader, Granaten Gustav;

Another crewmember, Wasser Willy. I wanted to do something completely different with this one, so I added a bucket, in which he is pouring water. On the sandbagwall I will place a small mirror, a towel and some shavinggear, so he will look spic and span, befor entering battle!
The water I made by heating an old airbrushcap, those small, transparent tubes, causing it to deform. As a bonus there appeared loads of small bubbles in the plastic, so it does look like water.

november 29, 2009

The FH is done, but as I said, I can not completely finish it, because there are other plans for the base and I have to keep things loose on it for the time being.

Here are the final pictures.
First the base with camonetting. The net follows the shape of the base, hence the odd corners in the back.

The base, gun and accessoires;

Willie Wasser with extra lighting to show the water.

The man in his "natural" habitat, complete with towel, mirror and razor;

Then there was the missing member; Klemens Koch;

The Breakfastclub;

And the endresult will be called "Guten Morgen, Afrika!" with appropriate lighting;

februari 10, 2011
Afterwards I did completely finish it. Initially the base was intended to serve as a master for commercial casting by Reality in Scale, but to this date that did not materialise, despite the base being in the posession for all this time by Reality in Scale and it was prepared for casting, since all the deep holes and crevases were filled up....

It has taken more than a year, but I have finally completed this dio!!
I changed the setup slightly, fixed the gun, figures and accessoires in place and blended everything with a mixture of pastels;

Here are the final pictures.

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