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söndag 14 april 2013

Market Garden - To hell and back!

may 7, 2009

This is the concept; A glider has come to a standstill, hitting a tree at the last moment.
The wounded are treated beneath the shelterproviding wing, while the brass and the rest of the group trie to figure out where the hell they are!

I'm using only the 2 MB-boxes;

This is what the basics look like;
The figures:

The general idea;
The red pencil will magically transform into a tree and the grey cardboard into a piece of Horsagliderwing! The gliderpilot is assessing the damage.

a topview:

may 16, 2009
I've been tinkering around a bit on my landingsite-dio..
I changed it a bit, by adding a part of the fuselage of the Horsa too. I think that it looks better this way.
I build it up using plasticcard. For all measurements I'm using ecploded diagrams I found on a Russian site. I'm surprised that it is so hard to find good references at all!
The section marked in yellow is the part I'm building.

First I made a cirkel of 8,7cm in diameter. I then split that in two and cut of a piece, hoping to create an asymetrical appearance of the fuselage in the diorama, later on.

In this picture you can see the angle of the wing. The red line is the centre of the wing.

The diorama looks like this now, which I feel is a much needed improvement on the previous layout.

may 19, 2009
I started by marking the door, windows and wingposition, hence the happy bright red markings  
After that I opened up the windows.

Next I took up the windwos themselves. For these I used caps and siliconlenses which often come with furniture. These happened to have the exact measurements required!
I cut off the exces part of the caps, glued in the lenses with the rounded side facing outward.

I came across a picture, showing squares around the windows, which I guess were to fasten the windows into the fuselage.
I tried recreating this by taping of the body and applying a thin layer of filler, hoping this would raise the surface enough to be visible after painting.

Here is said picture:

Finally I stared with the first steps building the wing.
I made 3 identical ribs, using general measurements and the naked eye/estimated guesswork.
I then aligned them and fixed them.

may 21, 2009
I have made some progress too. Being sick does have its little advantages..
It turned out to be quite a job getting the wing and hull to look acceptable! It took a lot of glueing, measuring, cutting, sanding, measuring and above all filling!!
I actually wanted to attach the wing under a different angle, but I somehow made a mistake with the location of doors and windows, so it had to be moved up a lot. This meant that the fuselage had to be re-build to take the wing.

well, see for yourself:

To see the hole thing in perspective I added the figures oncemore.... and all of a sudden the Horsa doesn't look that big anymore!

may 24, 2009
I've had quite a lot of trouble getting the windows into the fuselage. Also the glue used reacted with the plastic and dried to a very uneven surface. Sanding that down proved nearly impossible, because the hull is hollow and gave way when pressure was applied during sanding.
Another big problem I ran into was the painting. I somehow had the thinning and pressure set wrong, causing an uneven layer of paint. The worst part however was getting those "happy, bright red lines" covered. The paint did not adhere and seemed to run of the ink!
I had to clean the part up using Tamiya's thinner, which resulted in ugly streaks in the paintwork. I tried camouflaging that by added "chalk" textst often seen on vehicles. These draw away the attention from the main problem.
Here're some pictures:

may 27, 2009
I have been working on the figures and did some basework.
I painted them in a light colour to check for any irregularities and fixed those. I added some netting and camouflage to the helmets, too.
The figures themselves are no longer OOTB. I changed and added equipment and the cigaretgiving medic does the same now with a canteen. That's healthier and better looking!

This is what they look like now;
Overall look;


medic group;

The box with the kneeling figure will turn out like this:

And the base like this;

may 30, 2009
My build sometimes really puts up a fight and I get the feeling it's a build from hell..... Maybe that's what I'll call it; "TO HELL AND BACK!"...

Anyway, I have added parts of the landinggear to fill some empty spaces. It is made up from leftovers, like plastic rod and an old paintbrush. I also scratched the medicbox.

I also did the vegetation, using real moss from the woods. Afterwards (off course) I found out that the species found on roofs etc. is much better, because that's shorter and has a stiffer structure.
After I had the basic vegetation and sand added, I fixed it all by using hairspray... and that's where disaster struck! Again!!
All the parts I had handpainted, such as disasterarea no.1 and the landinggear turned a yellowish white! Using the airbrush was not possible anymore, so I had to handpaint it again, creating a differance in colour and loosing the white text.

In order to avoid it ending up on a wall with a bang, I set the dio aside and took a figure to see if I could somehow replicate the Denisonsmock camopattern. I tried applying it with diluted acrylics, using random strokes....

This is just the basic paiting. The real deal will be added.

After a cooling down I took the base again and did some more work on that and this is how it turned out so far.

The purple turned out wrong and the medic's box is to large, but hey, I handled worse!!

june 4, 2009

I didn't like the way the base looked, so I ripped off the vegetation and substituted it for the shorter plants I refered to. I also cut up the box and made it smaller. 
The base now:


I did some painting too and finished (sort of) the glider pilot.
I used Tamiya's dark yellow as basecolour and deep green and red brown for the pattern. I thinned those down quite a bit, wiped off the brush befor making the typical brushmark-like pattern. Then I gave it a slight wash with black to create depth in the smock. I think I should have taken a less dark wash.
The big bruise is actually a cover-up for a painting mishap, but i like it that way. I added a bit of red and blue to it.

jubne 7, 2009
The figures are painted and I really need to learn a lot on this matter! Strangely enough some are better/easier than others. It really differs from figure to figure. I am not fully satisfied with them yet. Especially the faces need improvement is the future!
The groundwork has been expanded to by adding more sand, particularly in the holes, so everything is more tied together.

What to do next:
-weather the plane, allthough I have no idea yet on how to do that,
- adding more gear,
- finishing the medical chest,
- finishing the basework by adding more sand and grasses, maybe even the pruple blossom, but I don't know that for sure yet,
- put it away and look at it!

The shots;

I couldn't help myself.....

I did it......

I finished my build!!  

So now it is time for a  and enjoy it...

I added the last pieces to the dio. Sand, grasses, gear and the medic's box. I also added a light weathering to the plane. Just some dirty streaks along the wings and some light dust of the fuselage. I didn't dare to go heavier!

Here are the final pictures;

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