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fredag 26 april 2013

Tamiya's BMW R75 & Zündapp KS750

24 november 2007
I am detailing Tamiya's BMW R75 and Zündapp KS750. 

The kits are ancient and it shows. A lot of the very visible detail is simply missing, like exhaustbends, gearshiftrods, handles, hoses, wires and cables. This is what they would look like OOB:

I will be trying to add these using all kinds of stuff one can find around the house.
take a look and comments are welcomed!

First the BMW:

Left side

Right sides and front wheel

The Zündapp: With this one I cut off the rearseat and added a luggagecarrier without it.



Reworked busted headlight and reworked figure;

26 november 2007
here a few of them......

8 march 2008
I finished the final wiring on the Zündapp and gave the riders both a serious make-over.
The BMW will be used in a warm and sunny setting, so lost of dust will be his share and the Zündapp will be accompanying my SdKfz 253 in a late autumn setting in Russia, hence the gloves and scarfe.


Bikes upfront:

Zündapp detail:
I am still a little in doubt about the extra luggage on The Zündapp. It looks good, but somehow....

30 march 2008
Because the BMW has been placed in a mai '40 setting, it was a relatively short time in military use and maintained quite well. The Zündapp has seen a lot more action and has not been kept that well during it's servicelife.
I added a coat of paint to both ladies: Panzergrey from Vallejo for the BMW and dark grey from Tamiya for the Zündapp. Nest I added a light coloured dust coat to the first and a dark dirty layer of dirt and grime on the Zündapp.
On the pictures however, both look quite dark and brownish. I guess that is because of the light and limitations of the camera.....  

may 31, 2008
I tried something different with the pictures. I changed the lighting circumstances and changed the background.

I also added a bit more dust on the BMW as well as the company emblem on the tank.

2 june 2008
and YESSS!!! 
I can get these off my "to do"-list too!!

They're done, the bikes are weathered, the figures are painted and both have been added to their final destination; Guderian and his SdKfz 251/6 in theBMW's case and the Zündapp gives the SdKfz 253 some company.

When uploading the pictures into the Photobucket I noticed a prominent seam across the BMW's riders gasmaskcanister... damn!  
But other than that, I am quite pleased with the results. With the riders it was the same as with the farmer in the Treasure Trove; how do you paint a featureless figure? You make up the features....


As for the SdKfz 253 and the figures in the background; these are not yet completed. There is still some work to be done there.
I hope the setting looks "cold" enough though. After applying the paint to the base I drybrushed it with several whites and then blended it all with some of the white from Tamiya's make-up set.


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