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fredag 19 april 2013

Why military scalemodelling???

I have been asked this question quit a number of times and in order to properly answer that question I asked myself this question too.
First of all there has always been this fascination of the military. As a young boy I looked up to that; that heroic, manly, strong and powerfull world. When I grew up and was drafted myself that ideological and romantic picture was toned down, but I still had a fascination. That fascination only grew when I started to realise what horrors war held and what the men and women serving in the military had to endure. To this day I still admire men and women in uniform, regardless of their origin or political background. It is the job they have to do, the fysical and psychological challenges they have to face, wether it's training, service in peacetime, but most of all when doing what they are trained to do; go to war. Especially if they do so as selfthinking and -deciding humans, not as mindless following herds or killingmachines.
I can only barely try to imagine what they must face; the horrors, the pain, the blood and gore, but also their stamina, endurance, comradery and sacrifice. I thank the dear Lord on my bare knees I have never had to serve in anger. Those that did gain my everlasting respect. I do not put soldiers on a pedestal, I do think that they should be judged by their actions, both good and bad and they should be judged as humans, facing extreme conditions, not as political pawns. I do believe that if they perform their job, how horrific that may be, with dignity and honour, they should be honoured no matter what country of political range they came from. If they go bad, commit crimes or worse, than they should be fairly trialed, judged and accordingly punished....
From this fascination grew my interest and later fascination of military history on a broad level, ranging from actual combat, to the tactical and strategic situations up to the politics that lead to and command war. I read dozens and dozens of books, covering many subjects from Rome to the present time, in times often specialising, with a particulair interest for a certain era or event.
Building models for isn't just glueing them together, add paint and displaying them. The whole research, leading up to the actual build often becomes a hobby on its own. I love reading, digging for information, finding questions, answering them and it is this research that provides that.
Than, when I actually am building, there are the challenges of correctly replicating the real deal. These days there are aftermarketsets, etchingsets and upgrades for almost anything, but I enjoy looking for solutions on my own, creating my own parts, using basic materials, scraps, fingers and imagination.
And for some part I guess it is still the unspoiled small boy in me, playing with toysoldiers, dreaming about the life and job they had in real life.....

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