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fredag 10 maj 2013

Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Ausf.B Nordland Division, Letland 1944 part 2

Day 1 of the build and i run into challenges right away! 
The fit of the hullparts is not as I would like to see them. The parts are warped, causing a lot of missalignment. The lowerhull parts were glued and forced into place one step at a time. The upperhull looks more challenging.

I also tried to replicate the damaged to the left front stowagelockers as can be seen on the picture. The plastic in this area is quit thick, so I went to work by slightly heating it, distorting it and than some sanding. The fender has been slightly bent out of line as has the mudguard behind the muffler.

There was a bit of filler needed. Lots of sinkmarks in the rearplate and since the vehicle in the picture does not have any tools on the left fender, I will not need to add them on the model either. The locationholes were filled up.

As you can see progress is slow, but steady. a few subassemblies have been doen, like the lower hill, upper hull, bulkhead, radiounit, frontwheelassembly minus the wheels and the lengths of track grow steadily...

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