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tisdag 21 maj 2013

Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Ausf.B Nordland Division, Letland 1944 part 3

No progress on the build, but some additional info on the vehicle itself.
I became a member of the Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek (swedish militaryhistory library) and because of that I got a good deal on a couple of books. One of those was this one; Division Nordland i strid,

based on Wilhelm Tieke's "Tragödie um die Treue" (Tragedy of the faithfull) and reworked by Lennart Westberg & Martin Månsson.
It describes the role of the Nordland Division within the III. SS Panzerkorps with many personal accounts and new (to me) pictures, including this one;

I believe it is the same vehicle, photographed on a different occassion or location, from a different side, but atill the same. Why?
First of all the timeframe and area are the same, secondly it is the same type of vehicle; a 250/3 Ausf.B with rodantenna and starantenna. Thirdly the uniforms shown match; SS camouflagesmocks. Then the shown number matches both in style and in colour, allthough the "4" is not visible. And finally this vehicle lacks all its tools, too.
Noteworthy is that on this side too the stowage bins are damaged. I guess the vehicle drove through something that proved to be a tad to narrow. It also makes it easier to determine the sort of camouflagepattern the vehicle had, but he used colours are anyone's guess.
And as a final bonus I received the last items to complete this build. From a couple of Dutch fellowbuilders of the Twenot I got the desired figure(s) and the required DKW motorcycle.... which I happened to receive twice as well. I also got the needed divisional markings from Archer Transfers. Great service this company has! A quick delivery (2 weeks from the US to Sweden), carefully packed, with an additional testingsheet with various surfaces, like antiskidplating and such.
Thank you all!!

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