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torsdag 2 maj 2013

Sd.Kfz. 250/6 - converting a Tamiya 250/3 into an ammunitioncarrier

21 december 2008
Well people,
I have left the safety of my home/buildingden, but could not leave it all behind completely. I decided that I was going to build at least something during my vacation. This little something will be a Sd.Kfz. 250/6 ammunitioncarrier-conversion, to keep it simple........

I collected all the plastic I thought I would need, packed it into a bag and took that with me. It contains 1 Tamiya 250/3 Greif, 1 Dragon 250-engine and mechanic, 1 set of Dragon 250-tracks, 1 bag of plastic card leftovers and 1 bag of surplus goodies, including a few PaK-shellcontainers.
The tools, paint and glue I had to leave behind. They kind off react funny to those at the airport.
I asked for more containers ro be sent to my vacationaddress and I received the first of them allready.
Thanks for those, Jesper!!!

Here's what I'll be working with:

The glue and paint have been order and some hobbyknives and files have been found too....

december 24 2008
As I am still waiting for the glue to arrive (the paint did, but the glue has been forgotten), I have started on preparing some parts.
I started by removing a lot of cast-on details, such as those on the fenders and those in the interior.
After that I started the construction of the ammobins. I made a template out of cardboard and kept adjusting it's shape untill it fitted. I did the same for the opposite side.
I taped together a bunch of shellcontainers for easy handling during measuring.
The right bin holds 30 containers, the left one 20, so they differ conciderably.
Here's what they look like now:

The numbers on the pieces indicate the number of containers per layer. At first the bins turned out too large, so this way I was able to reduce their size, which now looks more like the ones in my references.

januari 1, 2009
Here's an new update for the holidaybuild. It took some time, but the glue arrived last tuesday. Thanks Johan from Puma Hobby for the great service!
I finally could start assembling the prepared parts. Doing this I discovered that the ammocontainers were still too long, so I had to shorten them some more.
In the info I found it was said that this vehicle carried 2x 30 rounds, but the pictures I have seem not to confirm this. The racks are clearly different.
I went for 1x 30 and 1x 20 pieces, which look more like the pictures. 

I also did some work on the tracks, matching Dragon's tracks to Tamiya's wheels. The tracks from Tamiya are simply unacceptable.
The tracks fit the guideteeth quite well, but in order for them to match the wheels I had to do some sanding.

Now all I have to de is the rest!! 

03 januari 2009
Progress is steady and I hope I will be able to finish building it in time. Painting will have to wait, I'm afraid.
The interiorbasics are pretty much done, but there are still a few details to be added, like cables and such.
The final layout has been done too with a mechanic at work.
Here's what things look like now:

januari 5 2009
I finished the build, minus some small, breakable details and paint.
I want to take it home with me to add those and some more containers but I am thinking of how to do that. Maybe i should leave it here untill I return in august and finish it then?

Anyway, I added the last available bits and pieces, such as radio's, fenders to which I glued a thin piece of card, because I have no filler here and the removal of the cast-on details left a few holes in them.

Here's what things look like now:
the sub assemblies put next to one another:

the right hand side:

the rear:

And radio's:

januari 25, 2009
And here is is; the final update as far as the construction goes.
After some comments posted at ML, I redid the mudguards and tools. The headlight were repositioned too.
I also added the reardoor and more personal gear.
Now it is time for some paint! That will be done with an airbrush in panzergrau with wide, yellow stripes.

Here are the latest pictures:

februari 1, 2009
here's another update.
I painted the interieur, added some decals to the containers + a first (black) wash and a first drybrush.
I'm not the most giftet painter.
I also added a piece of exhaustpipe. For the colours of the engine, I went for a safe semigloss black, with added rust, and grime. The exhaustsystem received a coat of rust.

An engine close-up:

februari n11, 2009
Today I went for it and grabbed my airbrush to try a camouflagepattern for the first time.
It took me a while to get it done, but I managed to get it done...... sort off.
The basic grey colour dried up much less dark than anticipated, but I kind off like the faded look. It suits the basic idea I had for the vehicle.
The colours are Vallejo German grey, which, applied with a brush, is quite dark, and Tamiya's Dark yellow.
I had lots of overspray with the yellow, so I had to have a second go with the grey to fix that a bit. The grey gave splatters in the beginning and a big "splash" on the left upperside.
I have to figure something out to cover that up...  

Here's what the vehicle looks like now;

I think that with some washes, drybrushes and a lot of other tricks from the book it will turn out ok.

march 24, 2009
progress has been slow and not all that steady, but I'm getting here!
Unfortunately some pictures of that progress got lost, due to the untimely demise of my camera's memorycard... May it rest in pieces...

In the meantime the vehicle has been completed, it had some washes, decals added and had the details added and painted.
The mechanic has been done, too and is in place.
I even managed to do the groundwork, showing a rocky road with sparse vegetation. For the road I used natural stones and the vegetation is from Fredericus Rex from Germany. I read it's add here on armorama and ordered some stuff.
I can fully recommend this company and it's merchandise! Great vendor and their grasses are awesome! (no, I don't get anything for this  )
What I still need to do, is add plenty of dust and weathering and blend vehicle and groundwork together, hence the still dark and clean look of the runninggear.
I am thinking of adding an oilcan and an oily rag to the top of the enginecompartment, just to make it more lively.
Anyone got a spare oilcan???

march 25, 2009
Here's the final update. I dusted the vehicle and the underground using 2 different colours of pastels; a fairly dark one for the running gear, deeper places and bottom half of the vehicle in general and a lighter one for the upper half and the corners of the vehicle.
I used both on the underground.
I also added the oily rag and found 2 types of oilcans umong the accessoires of the kit the figure originates from. I put these next to the mechanic and I must say it makes the scene look complete.

When putting this picture online, I discovered that I forgot to add the gloss to the visionblock. also need to add the red cross decal on the box, too!

I have been playing around with a scenic background and it became painfully clear that m current camera is really not up to the job. I need a new one..... someday...

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