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torsdag 2 maj 2013

Sd.Kfz. 251/2 Ausf.D Tamiyakit and ADV Azimut conversion set

september 1, 2008
I'll join up with a combination of these 2 older kits. Let's see what I can do with them!
The Wurfgerät will be left off ofcourse.

october 2, 2008
As said I am using an old Tamiya Ausf D with the conversionset for a 251/2 mortarcarrier by Azimut. I only did some very basic assembling, but the Azimutkit is very basic too, in every aspect! The entire floorsection is a singlepiece casting and only the gun, it's baseplate, ammunitionbins and rounds are single. The instructions are 1,5 A4 sheet of paper, including both text and drawings!
You have to cut of some pieces of the Tamiyahull in order for the whole thing to fit, but no problems here. The construction is really simple.
See for yourself:
The floor and gun assembled:

Floor added to the lower hull:

Upper hull added:

december 7, 2008
My ancient Tamiya 251 has had the most of it's interior chopped out again and I noticed that I am missing quite a few parts, such as the levers next to the driver, the seats, so I'll have to dig these up or scratch them.
Also the mortar has a few small parts missing, so I'll have to recreate those too. I allready hollowed out the bore of the tube, which was a hell of a job, since the resin is quite soft and breaks quite easy.
As for the tracks, I put aside the original rubber bands and used a brand of tracks I once got for free. They are dark brown hard plastic ones, so no real problems there. These come with the trackpads as these are of black vinyl and will not stick with ordinairy glue. I'll have to superglue each one of them and I do not look forward to that!!

december 21, 2008
I hollowed out the mortarmuzzle, added some Dragon leftovers and did the tracks. The latter were horrible, plastic tracks with vinyl pads that had a horrible fit, due to the seams that ran over them!
Here are the pictures:
What it looks like now:

The interior:

And those #*  !*#-tracks, which I glued solid!!! With normal plastic glue AND CA!!
You can see the seams which cause the damn things to miss aline and which are impossible to remove....

januari 25, 2009
I added quite a few bits and pieces so far, with more to come.
First the interior:
I added extra armor to the crewcompartment, the gunracks, more ammo and a lot of the missing parts and details. I lost the controllevers, so I made some new ones from old sdkfz 250-width indicators.
As for the exterior; there I added a MG42 with AA aimingring and ammobelt, as well as the fastenings for travelling. I also added details to the frontfenders. 
On the nose I added a fieldapplied holder for the mortarbaseplate.
I twisted some fine copperwire together to make ropes which hang from the sides and which will hold equipment and personal gear in the end.
Enough talking. See for yourself:

And finally the Tamiyacrew I will be using:
The title of this build will be:
"Bist du dir da ganz sicher?"
(Are you really sure about this?)

februari 10, 2009
I basically painted the interior and gave it some basic weathering and washes. I also started to add mud, as the vehicle will be set in a muddy field.
When joining the bottom and top, I got a nasty surprise! On the right side there appeared a huge gap! I guess the bulkhead doesn't fit good. Maybe due to the conversionset I used??
Anyway I had to fill that up first before I can paint the outside.

I also started experimenting with the mud. I used plaster, to which I added the paint allready. When applied wet, it really looked the part, but when it dried it looked like this:

februari 11, 2009
I did it!! I took my airbrush and gave my 251/2 it's first coats of paint!
It wasn't easy and it went wrong too ( way to much paint in the first run), but I got the effect I was looking for.
I wanted it to look as if someone in a fieldworkshop had been playing around with e spraypistol and this is what it looks now:

The 250/6 in the background was used to get "warmed up" and get the hang of it a bit.
As far as the mud goes, it will be much darker, much thicker and much wetter

februari 15, 2009
I started work on the base and I had a muddy field of gras in mind. Somewhere along the route I got lost and ended up with a piece of countryroad with some trees, shrubs and a barbedwirefence. Also the season changed from early winter to late autumn. 
I also added some more figures to the scene, too.
I really should learn to focus and stick to the plan!

The leaves are all natural materials collected, dried and crumbled to suitable size.
The barded wire is made from netting in which garlic is sold. I paitend it, cut of some strands en stretched these up.
Here's what it looks like from the birdsnest point of view:

The front of the setting:

The righthandside;

And the back with the fence;

And finally a closeup of the barbed wire itself;

februari 21, 2009
I finished my 251/2!
I even managed to fix it into place by literally getting it stuck into the mud!
I made the muddy road by mixing in very fine dirt with pva glue and water, which makes a messy, muddy, sticky substance.
I embedded the vehicle and one figure into it and blended it all together.
First the finished vehicle on it's own;

I felt there was an empty space on the right fender, so I filled it up. I made an extra storagebox and added some spare metal tracklinks and rubberblocks to it.

Here's what the mud looks like;

And the first figure into place;

februari 24, 2009
Here are the final pictures and mother nature was kind enough to provide me with suitable weathercircumstances, so I could take pictures outside and capture the mood that I intended.
The front:

the side:

the rear;

the interior;

the other side;

detailshots of the mud;

and some crewmen;

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