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The reference pictures I use were dug up on the internet and I use and share them only as such; a reference. Whenever possible I will state the source, but unfortunately I have no idea where I found many of them anymore. The vast majority of the military images have been "living" on my harddrive for years.

onsdag 30 juli 2014

Später, wenn ich mal groß bin...

februari 10, 2010

I have been so busy with large dioramas and painting lately, that I needed a break from those and go build something small and lighthearted.
I have had the idea for this little vignette for some time now and I hoped i could do it in a larger scale... Unfortunately I couldn't.. So I am doing it in 1/35!

<---- This is where the idea came from;

Some referencepictures;

The basic "ingredients"; the soldeir in greatcoat from Masterbox

and the boy from the Andrea-range, if I'm not mistaken.

februari 13, 2010
I did some work on both last night.
First off was the soldier.

Although I thought the basics were acceptable, there were a few places that were not. The hands were too small, so I replaced those with a pair of suitable Dragonparts. The ammopouches were also a bit on the small side and lacked detail, so I replaced those too.
The head was a different story. It was big and round, looking odd. An new head was added, one with a correct angle and with a gentle expresion. The original helmet was flat on top and had a sinkmark, so another Dragonpiece was selected. I thought that this one looked early war.

In order to get things to fit neatly together some sanding on the innerside of the right arm was needed. Now the arm matches the shoulder and ammopouches again.

Next was the boy. He had quite a few resindrops which had to be removed. That wasn't too hard, except for the largde drop between right arm and torso. He also had 2 large holes where his toes should be. Filling and sanding that was not as easy as I thought.
His hat had to come off in order to make room for his helmet. I cut of the head in such a way that his curls on his forehead remain. The angle of the head had to be adjusted to get him to look at the soldier's face.

februari 14, 2010
I have been working on the guardshouse, which I made out of plastic card. Measuring was done by eye, using the soldier as reference.

After that I carved out the planking and used a coursegrid sandpaper to get a wooden texture. This was a complete new technique for me.

This is how it will look later on... I guess..

februari 17, 2010
Here are the pictures from my last update. I made the boy's toyrifle, added a rifle and sling to the soldier and did some work on the vignetteprops too.
First the boy. 
I took a rifle from my sparesbox, which lacked any detail. I thought that it would make the perfect start for a toyrifle. I shortened it, sanded of the "metal"-parts and added a steelwire barrel. I also gave it a rope as a sling, made from twisted copperwire. I tied it to the rifle and drilled a small hole between the boy's arm and torso. Then the other end was tied, too.
The bottom rifle is a Dragon item;

There were some questions and remarks on the boy's helmet.
It is a lot smaller and thinner than the soldier's helmet, so it does make a perfect toyhelmet.

The last piece of work I did was for the vignette itself. I felt that it lacked something, nl. height. Therefor I made a flagpole. I added a rope and attachments, too. No flag (yet), as I don't want to uppset anyone...

februari 20, 2010
I about finished the flagpole and flag.
I took a "Reichskriegsflagge", because I had to choose between this one and a swastika, which I thought would be to dominant.
I bent and folded it in such a way that the flag as such is still recognisable without the hakenkreuz being visible right away.

It'll be something like this;

februari 26, 2010
I have been thinking it over and over again... Flagpole, no flagpole, wall, no wall, but the final decision has been made by SWMBO And Is Always Right...
The flagpole stays!

I added the groundwork right away to make the scene look more complete. The bricks were pressed into the soft putty using the side of a PaK40 ammocase... 

The vignette up front;

The figures and guardshouse up front;

the bird's eyeview;

And the pictures I use as reference, showing the same colours on the guardshouse at them all;

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