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måndag 13 oktober 2014

Italeri's Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.H - The beginning

I got this kit from my son and I am going to use it as a basis for a groupbuild around the (infamous) whitewash-subject at Twenot.nl whitewash FOC with my entry, which is basically the progress I am showing here as well.
So far I gathered a good handfull of spareparts from the sparesbox in order to exchange the not so great parts from the original kit. I do not want to spend tons of cash on it, because a) it is a cheap and low standard (by today's standards anyway) kit, b) many details will or might become hidden by snow and c) superdetailing is not the focus of the exercise here.
The first thing I did was replacing the kit sprockets and idlerwheels with Dragonparts ( I guess, because of the light grey colour). I could not use the similar roadwheels and returnrollers, because I had to few of the latter and not enough hubs for the first. Not that it would matter all that much in the end, though.
Replacing the idlers and especially the sprockets required a bit of surgery and the latter are fixed in place as a result of that, but the overall fit is good. The applies also to the standard kitparts so far


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