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torsdag 30 oktober 2014

Italeri's Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.H - the Panzerbefehlswagen IV

Now the build is really complete!
I thought the panzer still looked kind of naked, not done. so I added some more bits and bobs, since I was not really pleased with the overall looks. I added pieces of track to ther front, wires to the headlights, antennae on rear and turretroof and a jerrycanrack to the rear. So now my panzer 4 has become a Befehlspanzer IV.
I also added the turretarmor and you might notice that the right handside is too low. During the curingstage that side started to sag and I noticed it when everything had set.
Additional extras like a box between hull and plates and helmets on the turretarmor will be added after the paintingstage. And that will actually be my biggest challenge!!
Since the purpose of this build is to create a whitewash I was planning like this:
Yellow paint
clear gloss and decals
lining in
flat clear
white paint and details in different colours.
clear gloss
weathering (don't know how yet?)
flat clear

Some references on the Panzerbefehlswagen;

image turret top
Later found one on forum.valka.cz

For more info on that version, see Forum.valka.cz

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