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tisdag 11 november 2014

Italeri's Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.H - build and paint done!

Progress is steady and the buidling- and paintingstages are completed! I even did the figure...
After all the washes, detailpainting and such I gave the entire vehicle some final highlights and drybrushes in pure white. Especially the non-white items, so that they'd look frozen and cold.
I deliberately added 2 yellow wheels, just to give a small bit with colour. The starantenna will also be yellow.
I gave the tracks first a heavy drybrush in Vallejo's pure steel, followed by a sandy brown and a deep brown wash, yet I do not expect to see much of that when all is done...
I also added the rubber tracks, some extra tracks on the nose and "all" the bits that were broken. I realised that a good deal of the parts that were supposed to be damaged by the fall actually had occurred previous to that! Things like the starantenna's top, a small detail keeping the left front plate in place and somehow I managed to loose one entire plate! The right rear one is gone....

The figure was first based with dark brown, before I started building up a pale skintone. The goal was to create a cold, tired and worn face. A face of someone who is cold, has been in action a while and has had little rest.
So a pale skintone with red cones, lips and nosebridge (skintone, red leather and a hint of bright red) . Tired, so blue edges (wash) around the eyes and worn, so grooves in the face (darker wash) and stubble (skintone+brown and a hint of black)

Just showing the start of the base...

And now... Let is snow!!!!

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