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lördag 8 november 2014

Italeri's Pz.Kpfw. IV - turning white!

The first layers of paint and washes have been applied.
The whole thing went from red brown to dark yellow to semigloss white, along with some washes.
I have to say that this whole procedure is completely new to me. Never done stuff like preshading or white paint before, so I was a little nervous.
The first thing I did was to spray paint the tank matt yellow (mistake 1) in such a way that it would remain darker at the bottom and in shady areas. I was given advice not to apply the clear directly onto the model, since that might turn out wrong, so I had to paint it all over again, covering the dark brown more than I liked. A mix of dark yellow and buff in 4:1. I used a mix of Tamiya's dark yellow and semigloss clear thinned down in a ratio of about 3:4:2.  This did dry out quite flat. Not as glossy as I had hoped!
Next I applied some brown washes. I happened to have some of Mig's still stashed away. Flow was not as I hoped, so I ended up cleaning more afterwards than applying the washes themselves. The "normal" brown wash was used on the upper surfaces, the dark brown one for the running gear and deeper depressions. I did only cover the entire surface of 2 or 3 armorplates just to see how that would turn out.

I left it all to dry and proceeded with the next fase; white paint. I actually dislike using white from my figurepainting, remembering how hard it was to get the pigments to cover the surfaces.
I started by mixing the white, glossy paint directly with some more semigloss in a ratio of 3:1 and added a dash of thinner to make it more milky... Whilst stirring I noticed the most peculiar thing; bubbles of air and paint, floating in the thinner... I checked the thinner used and noticed immediately I had used the wrong one; white spirit instead of Tamiya's!! Ow damn!!
Luckily the white spirit remained pretty much on the surface, so I removed as much as possible of it. I then added Tamiya's thinner and mixed it all properly, hoping it would turn out ok. I was pretty much out of white (Tamiya)paint...
It turned out rather well, yet again not as glossy as I had hoped. Somewhere between satin and glossy... Coverage was pretty good actually and again I kept the bottom and shadyareas darker than the rest. I also made sure that the armourplates got different coats too.
I again let this all dry out overnight, before first applying decals. I kept this to a minimum, deliberately only using black ones; vehiclenumners, crosses and as an extra a lady's name on the driver's glacisplate, using micro Sol and Set for those. Hoping the decals would not silver afterwards..

Next fase; more washes!
And then detailpainting...

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