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torsdag 6 november 2014

Patton & Panther - an exercise in snow 1/24

November 10, 2009

it has been a while since I showed single figures, but that's because I have been focussing on armor. I somehow lost interest in that part of modelling a bit, so I turned my attention to figures once more, hoping that the buildingbug would bite again..
For my first attempt I used only stuff from the sparesbox, such as a Pantherturret in parts and a Pattonfigure, both from Tamiya in 1/25. I wanted to show Patton in his wintercoat on top of an abandonned Panther in the Ardennes, so some snow would be involved too.
The turret lacked a lot of details, so I scratched and added those. I also added zimmerit, which was a first for me. I added some foilage and a scratchbuild Fliegerbeschussgerät to get some "life" into the turret. Then 2 layers of snow were added.
Patton recieved a sculpted wintercoat, another first for me, because the figure I used showed him in summeruniform.

First, this is what I started out with. I had these sitting in my sparesbox and wondered what to do with those. After all, they were 1/25, not my usual scale.

I started with building the turret, which had the major parts present, but a lot of details were missing, such as liftinghooks, grabhandles and and and... I used telephonewire and copperwire to add those. I also closed up the open episcopes by using plasticcard.
I also thought it would be cool to add zimmerit...which turned out to be a lot harder then I had anticipated!  
The result isn't too bad for a first time and most would be hidding by snow anyway;

I also added a scratchbuild "Fliegerbeschussgerät", because I thought the top looked quite empty and I didn't have any accessoires to fill it up with.

I used the shown MG as measure. The bent legs turned out to be a bit too long.

The Pattonfigure is wearing his summeruniform, which would be a bit nippy at the depicted time and place. So I had to do some sculpting, another first for me.... 
I used Tamiya's milliput to do it with.

I made thin sheets of it and dressed the figure up, cutting, pushing and twisting it into place. The furlook was achieved by tapping the still soft milliput with a hard toothbrush. I chose to do the pockets with this plasticcard, as that it stiff enough to show the pockets bulging a bit, leaving an opening at the top, like real pockets do, too. The seams were done with copperwire and the belt with leadfoil.
Here's the picture I worked from;

After this I turned my attention to the Panther again, as it needed to get some colour!
I spraypainted it with my airbrush and this led to disaster!
The paintjob went horribly wrong!!
There was lots of overspray, runners in the paint (incorrect pressure? Incorrect thinning of the paint?) and as icing on the cake, my masks got stuck in some still wet paint, so when I removed the masks.... you can guess....
Time for a chill-out-sessions, first!

I also felt there still was something missing. Something that would say tha it was in action befor, that it was in a wooded area and that it was cold! Plus the barrel looked very naked, too!
So I added camouflage to the turret. I used long strands of mosses, tied them to the barrel with copperwire, making sure you did see some of the latter too. I also tied this wire to the liftinghooks of the turret and added more vegetation to the turretsides this way.

Then came the snow.....
I used a mix which I had used previously, being a mix of water/white glue/natriumbicarbonate.
I don't have a specific recipe. I use water/glue in a 1:1 ratio and then add the salt untill I feel happy with the mix. I make sure it feels a bit yoghurt-like.
I dabbed that onto the topsurfaces and the result made my stomage turn. No worries. A second layer had to be added later on.... 

I left everything to dry overnight and the next day the mix had fully dured.
The snow actually did look like snow, but the use of natural vegetation had a nasty drawback; serious discolouration of the snow!

Out came the white paint in order to minimise this mishap. The paint did tone down the yellows, but did leave some of it to show through. It also ruined the surfacetexture of the snow....
Desperate times call for desperate measures!! So I grabbed a rattlecan with clearmattpaint and coated the entire build with it.... and again.... and again.... and again!! If anything would get through now, I would admit defeat..... NOT.

When the sealingcoat was fully cured I added yet another layer of white paint, followed by yet another layer of the snowmix. You can never be too sure, right?  
As a finishing touch I also added some loose salt sprinkling over it all, making it look like this;


The Panthernut was cracked, on to Patton!!
I had to paint his clothes using Tamiyapaints, as I was still waiting for a paintorder to arrive. I didn't want to wait any longer, because that might ruin my buildingbuzz!
The flesh is done with Andreapaint, using light and dark flesh as basecolours.
The jacket got a basecoat of red brown and the pants are khaki drab. After that I used various shades of these coulors to bring the figure to life. The jacket looked to reddish for me, so I gave that one a wash of matt black with a touch of dark brown and to my delight this gave the jacket just the right shade of leather!!
The rest of the painting was actually quite straight forward, ending with the result shown.


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