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måndag 17 november 2014

Pz.Bef.Wg. IV Ausf.H - Completed!

Some detailshots;

The cacked on snow and brush being pushed aside..

The deliveringside of the tank 
Gunpowderresidue on flashsupressor and next to the m.g.


and snowaccumulation on the rear end

What went right with this project;
I set out to try and maka a vehicle in wintercamouflage, yet make it interesting to look at. The white monotony had to be broken. I think I accomplished that.
Also use washes and filters for the first time and I think I did that reasonably well, too.
Showing a vehicle in deep snow is a third thing I think I achieved...

What went wrong;
I kept on losing parts! Parts that had been glued on, kept breaking off. I added the right rear mudguard 4 times, the starantennatop twice, the mg-mount twice, some armourplatebrackets a few times etc.... More care should taken the next time.
I also missed some details; did not paint the end of the barrelcleaningrod, saw a blob of snow on the front MG, painted the commander's headphones in the wrong colour...
Also the large amount of water in the snowmix made the wooden plinth leak paint into the snow, thus discolouring it. A thicker layer of bakingsoda + warm conditions to speed up the drying proces made the soda bubble.

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