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torsdag 31 december 2015

Corporate peacekeeper part 3 - It's a dog to paint

The next steps in this build/paint was to add more details and of course the dog! One of the details was the red rag or headwrap and another were the green goggle glasses; 2 opportunities to add some color to an otherwise drab figure. The red is Andrea's basic red with a darker wash and some light drybrushing with a light fleshtone and the glasses were 2 heavily thinned down drops of Tamiya deep green, followed by 2 drops of Vallejo gloss varnish. Each layer was allowed to dry before the next one was added. I previously did add some touches of color to the grenades. For some reason I kept hearing the phrase :"pop some purple smoke", whilst looking at them. So I added a band of purple to one. Then you'd need some green smoke too. And the grenades are to small to be real ones, so I though 2 with a white band would make some good flashbangs. The gloves were repainted with Tamiya flatblack with drybrushed in red leather and flesh topped with a layer of satin varnish to represent black leather gloves.
The other grenades were tipped in red (incendiary) and yellow (HE). I also added the weapon, being painted in flatblack, drybrushed in gunmetal and pure steel with a touch of satin varnish on the nonmetal parts, like the pistolgrip, the drum magazine and the launchertube.
The next step was to paint the dog. 
The issue with the dog is that he is really big compared to the figure. The differences in scale (1/18 and 1/16) being quite apparent. However I figured that some sort of crossbreed would be used for these warrior dogs and there are some similar dogs today, known as doberdanes.
I did not want to leave him "naked", so decided to give him a non-standard issue, leather suite of bodyarmour. It seemed to me that in a state of chaos and near anarchy as I described in the first post of this series it would seem quite plausible that dogs would be used and had to be protected against by thrown projectiles and rudimentary handheld "weapons".
I used images of Dobermanns as a guide; Tamiya flat black for the base and Andrea's wood for the browns. A wash of dark brown and a coat of semigloss to finish things off. 

Some of the images I used as inspiration and guide;

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