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tisdag 16 februari 2016

Corporate peacekeeper part 4 - The end is coming in sight.

I finally got around to make a start on the base for the figure and dog.
Nothing fancy, just a wooden block with plaster representing asphalt. Painted a very dark grey and then drybrushed in ever slightly lighter hues.
The roadblock has a bluefoam basic shape, covered with plaster and then sanded down to shape. The same technique for painting was used, but in much lighter tones. When dried, I marked off the area for applying the yellow and black, using painters tape. A first heavy drybrush and chipping with grey was applied after the yellow and black had dried.

The figure and dog are glued in place and now I can work on bringing it all together and adding details. I need to find a solution for the floating paw, though...... I think I will slip under a newspaper under it.
Details will include sand, urban debris like soda cans, said newspaper, things like that.

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