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torsdag 7 april 2016

Italeri armed pick up 1/24 in box review

I had the opportunity to get one of these kits "for free" and decided to have a go at it.
This was my second encounter with a car in the 1/24 scale and after the initial disappointment with Fujimi's Jimny a.k.a. Samurai I hoped for better...
If anything this kit is even worse. Don't get me wrong, the external detailing and crispness of the molds in many places is good! But that is about it.
  • No interior details what's however
  • No extra accessories like jerrycans, ammunitioncans or gear despite Italeri having the molds for those.
  • Single body cast, so no separate doors or hood. No possibilities to open these up without major surgery.
  • No engine
  • Axles attached to suspension springs, so no possibilities to alter those without major surgery.
  • Crude details in places (hinges and tiedowns look like lumps as does the rear license plate setup)
  • No decals!! Except for licenseplates. Which will leave the dashboard looking quite empty.
  • And you can tell the molds have been around a lot. Some areas have a lot of flash and there are ejectorpin marks on some very visible areas, like the wheelarches in the backside or the backs of the seats.
Any manufacturer doing this in the 1/35 segment and they would get nailed to the cross.... so to speak.

On the plus side;
It is a simple kit, that will still look like a Land Cruiser, so I'd say suitable for beginners.
It also leaves a lot of room for enhancement and detailing, which should appeal and pose a challenge to modelers with advanced skills.
Adding (or rather not omitting) extras like 2 dashboards, enabling both left- and right hand steering options, plus a number of benches gives you more options to choose from.

I plucked images of the contenst from the internet, since I had not taken some myself. I was in too much of a hurry to get busy, so this way you know what to expect.
Found them here; http://www.model-making.eu/

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