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fredag 15 april 2016

Prepper vehicle - Italeri armed pick up 1/24 - Initial build

Ever since I started working on the Corporate peacekeeper I sort of got hooked on the "Collaps of civilisation"- theme, since that is what keeps me busy these days, both irl and when modelling. So this vehicle will end up as a prepper-vehicle.
This is a vehicle of people, who did see it coming and prepared for it by creating a highly mobile, easily maintained and very durable ride in which they could get around, looking for supplies or avoiding contact with unfriendlies.
It'll be low profile, well stocked and stripped of luxuries. The means subdued colors, a little camouflage and a lot of gear, needed to survive a roaming life. Probably some light arms too. And of course a crew.

But I am not there yet. First things first; the initial build.
A great source of info btw on land cruisers in all sorts of types and ages is http://forum.ih8mud.com/

As you can see there is a huge cavity, where the bulkhead is supposed to be. That will mean a good deal of scratchbuilding!
You see that I have started removing the doors by carefully carving them out along the doorlines. It takes a while, but the result is good.

The vehicle sits too low on its wheels and when looking closer you see why...

the spring are horizontal or almost horizontal! They should be curved or much more curved. Bad slip up in my opinion.

The winch assembly is rather crude and calls for a bit more focus and attention.

Then there is the sparewheel.....
The outer detail is acceptable, but would need so detailing. The inside..... is horribly empty and since this is highly visible without a hood or upperbody it will require work. And a lot of it, too.

The back end...
The licenseplate & holder are equally crudely made; simple lumps of plastic. Redoing that would mean carving it all away with a high probability of damaging the doors, making things only worse. I'll have to think of something here.

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