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söndag 26 februari 2017

Industria Mechanica - Porpoise 1/20 inbox review

For a Maschinenkrieger / sci-fi apocalyptic build I searched the www for suitable figures and these popped up; the Porpoise - Private security division shock troopers by Industria Mechanika and in the correct 1/20 scale!
So I ordered these..... Within a week they arrived, all the way from the US of A into my Swedish mailbox.  It came well packed in a black cardboard box, an image of the figures printed on the front and a handwritten number on the side; 137. The various dark to medium grey castings were packed in ziplock bags with weapons and accessories in separate bags.

The figures/castings;
Overall casting is of a very high standard. No bubbles, molding seams or defects at all. "All" one has to do, is to remove the casting blocks and these are cleverly placed in such a way that very little detail will be damaged if care is taken. Clearly some thought has gone into that. One of the things I noticed, was that all parts have location pegs and corresponding holes. That would mean that it would be hard to adjust or position parts if needed. The future will tell if this will be an issue, but I guess not.
One figure depicts a trooper in body armour, masked face with gasmask, protectors, backpack with oxygen bottle and hose, small pouches and small machinegun. The other is more futuristic, maybe even a tad alien. Wastecoat, armourplating, long shotgun with drum magazine, protectors, an oxygen bottle and a head/face I really need to get used to. Despite the body looking very human, the head is not. It looks like a sort of mask, but the shape of the head is... different.
Both figures have several layers of clothing and/or armour/protection, so a wide variety and possibilities for painting are given.
Can't wait to give these a go!

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