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måndag 24 april 2017

MK44 ammoknights - the base

Yes, another project I can call finished!!
All I actually needed to do, was to make a base for it. I wanted to keep that simple, since it's been awhile since I last done one and I did not want to go overboard, as I tend to do, with some post apocalyptic scene. Just a simple base, showing concrete slabs with grass and such. Like an abandoned airfield or something.
The base is a round cork disc (to put your glass on), glue to a round wooden base. Dimensions fitted nicely. I carved rectangular blocks from it before glueing it in place. That gave nice, coarse edges. Then I painted the whole thing in layers of different shades of grey, making sure to not have an even finish. Then drybrushing with greys and whites. When dry I glued in the grass tufts in the cracks, followed up by pebbles and dust.

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