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tisdag 5 december 2017

Ma.K. Falke - painting the pilot

It has been a long time since I painted a figure, but I had to do this one and the interior, in order to be able to join the bodyhalves of the craft and continue work on it.
The paints used were acrylics, mostly Vallejo and Tamiya. The interior is painted in ivory or Elfenbein, a colour used by the Germans in the openingstages of WW2. The seat is Japanese cockpit green. Thought that that was appropriate. ;)
The decals used are a mix of 1/48 aircraft and 1/24 car leftovers and weathering is done with a dark wash and Tamiya's weatheringset.

As for the figure.... it took me a while to coe up with a combination I like, but browsing the net I came across a picture, dating from 1992, showing Flight Lt. Trevor Edwards, wearing a suit that looked quite similar as the figure's. So Lt. Edwards is my inspiration for the model. I chose Vallejo's British uniform as a base for the brown and Russian uniform for the pressure suit. Highlights and shadows were created by simply adding elfenbein for the highlights and German grey for the shadows, followed by some washes. Helmet is elfenbein once more with some 1/24 ferrari decals, the rearing horse in silver on the back.
I left the feet off. They are completely hidden and the shoes are a very welcome addition to the sparesbox.

The cockpit itself got some 1/48 Harrier decals, but the dials are from the kit, but I skipped the orange ones. Really didn't like'm. I am going to add more wiring later on, especially around and in the hatch.

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