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fredag 27 juli 2018

Wave Ma.k 1/20 Polar Bear

Allthough I have plenty of projects lying around, I started with yet a new one.... The "problem" is that this one is a multi-kit-project. One of the kits I will use is one from the Maschinen krieger series, being the Polar Bear in 1/20 scale from Wave.

Now I do not have the basic overlook for this kit, but if you are interested in contents and a good inbox review, here you go; cybermodeler review
All I can say is that this kit, albeit basic, is a very good kit, when it comes to casting and fit. I spent 2hrs just cutting and clicking it together. I did not yet clean it up, hence the gaps everywhere, but I could put it together for the most part, just by clicking it together. The fit is that good and the break up of the parts that cleverly thought out!
It basically is all the parts split in 2 lengthwise, which can that be clipped together, using peg and holes, before being plugged into vinyl joints. In the pictures you can see that I placed some of the parts wrong, but that was easily corrected afterwards.

However there are some gripes I have with this kit; one is that the joints are very limited in movement. Arms and legs can not be bent far. Another is that the hips are too narrow for my taste. The kit also lacks details, which would make it more interesting visually, but on the plus side that leaves all the more room for enhancement after personal taste!

The plans I have for this figure, is to open it up and place a pilot inside it. That means a complete rework of the interior, since there is none!

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