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fredag 14 juni 2019

British Special Air Service Jeep - Tamiya 1/35

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog or have been active in the hobby and even longer still since I did any 1/35 or military subjects. I figured starting again with a small kit, nothing complicated or expensive would give me the incentive and inspiration again.
I had been eyeballing the Ford Mutt M151-series for a while and while purchasing 2 I can across a golden oldie from 1974; Tamiya's desert SAS jeep. I had been wanting to build one for years, ever since I came across it in my early days actually and this one was cheap. So cheap and nostalgia - can't beat that!
However this nostalgia came at a price; allthough the basic kits is quite acceptable, many of the details most certainly are not up to today's standards. If you want better details or accuracy, Dragon's 6745 SAS 1/4 ton patrol car is the one you want. It'll set you back anywhere between $30 and €35. This jeep cost me SEK70 which is 20% of that.
My kit did not show any flash, however the moulds show their age. In my kit they had aligned quite badly in some areas, resulting in some serious castingseams. Quite a bit of scraping and sanding was required. The quality of the details, such as jerrycans, Vickers machineguns and above all the crewfigures is downright poor, but since I wanted an easy kit with little bells 'n whistles I decided to roll with that and only add what I could from my seriously limited sparesbox and some skill.... or what is left of that.

Assembly is actually rather straight forward. All parts fit well and the instructions are clear as has always been with Tamiya.
I exchanged all the jerrycans, since Tamiya's versions have a serious snag; the have 2 handlebars instead of the required 3! That could have been remedied by cutting away the old ones and making new ones, but many also had serious alignment issues. So out they went and in with some spares from Italeri and (I believe) Tamiya. Some old bedrolls were added from an equally ancient M3A2-kit among other things.

Then came the next challenge; the crew figures. The passenger is especially awkward. He has a very peculiar pose, which I assume has to do with the use of the .50 for a second version, but that gun is simply unusable, because of the low quality. So I had to figure out what to do with that awkward pose.

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