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måndag 24 juni 2019

Special Air Service Jeep - Tamiya 1/35 Part 4

The devil is in the details
Or sometimes shit happens....

Spot the mistake...
After the first painting is done, I turned my attention to the details to "decorate" the Jeep. Rummaging through the box I found a part that look.... oddly out of place. It was the radiator/headlamp-part... and it should have been glued in place BEFORE I glued bodywork onto the chassis.... Damn..! With a wide scalpelblade I pried the 2 apart, hoping nothing would break.... which it didn't!
While I was at it I decided to make the hose connecting the condensator to the radiator; a small but quite visible detail Tamiya chose to omit.

Now it was time to start with all the bells & whistles
Tamiya does provide very little in regard to equipment and gear, so most of it comes from the sparesbox. The supplies ammoboxes are.... just crap. Square lumps of plastic, supposed to represent a box. After removing some serious modseams I added 2 strips of plasticcard to represent grabhandles. In hindsight pretty much nothing of it is visible, but still.....
I also added racks for the jerrycans makde by plasticcard as well. One of them did not work out as tight as I had envisioned.. Oh well. Here the difference between the original ones and the ones from the sparesbox becomes quite apparent; the 3 handlebars instead of Tamiya's 2.
I got carried away with adding details and gear and headed straight into mishap nr.2. The dashboard is now barely accessible  yet it still needs to be painted!



I did not change the handlebar-mistake on the set of 3 jerrycans. I figured they would not be seen anyway with the other 2 covering that area up. Here came mistake nr.3; I glued the set the wrong way around, so the wrong side was now facing the driver..... and was very visible!
Time for camouflage!! That came in the form of a net, made from a gauze bandage, died with desant sand-paint and diluted pva glue.

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