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onsdag 26 juni 2019

Special Air Service Jeep - Tamiya 1/35 part 5

Yes, part 5 allready and the stage of completion is drawing ever nearer.
All parts are in place, painted and received their first washes and drybrush.
I used to use Mig-washes, but find that they are quite heavy, so switched to Citadel washes and these are much more delicate, easier to distribute AND correct.

As for the drybrushes, these were first done with Vallejo "natural steel" for the worn off areas, followed by another Citadel newcomer the drybrush paint "Eldar flesh". This paint really is thick, almost paste-like and very easy to use with good results.
I also like their brushes. Good quality and each with their special purpose; base, layer, shade and dry which correspond with the paintsystems used by Games Workshop. What I don't like about these systems is that you end up with a myraid of different colours, hues and painttypes. However the quality of these is outstanding and I just wish they'd go into military colours. They'd obliterate the competition!

All being said and done; everything's painted in a variety of sandy, earth- and greentones, which, together with the washes and drybrushes, makes for an interesting display without resulting in an off-look with clashing tones.
The last stages, as far as the Jeep goes, will be the touching up of the dashboard and blending everything more together by a coat of dust and dirt.

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