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söndag 16 juni 2019

Tamiya's SAS Jeep - 2

All parts and subassemblies are about ready for paint and now enters the critical fase; painting. This is where I tend to run aground. But first I primed them. I used both black and white in order to bet both more depth on the jeep and a slight difference in colour/shades of yellow and sand in the figures and assorted gear.
Priming also shows areas that need more attention, like gaps to fill or seams to remove, as is the case in the figures. It was at this stage that I realized I had forgotten the weaponsling on the Thompson and the stowagerack for the jerrycans.
The smaller gear was primed with a non-coloured plastic primer.
The primers I used were Citadel's Chaos black and Corax white out of a rattlecan.

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